Known issues when adding products for tracking

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Inventorify Tracking messages

When using our extension to track a product, you may encounter the following messages:


 In order to identify your supplier. Inventorify will try to track your product using the SKU field in Shopify.

If you're using importify lister, then this field will be auto-populated.

In case that this field is empty or Inventorify couldn't recognize your supplier, you'll see this message.

Simply go to your supplier's product page and copy-paste its URL in the textbox inside this message window. 

Now, click the "Track" button to retry again.

Note that you can use the "Google this product" link in order to search google for this

product's title and find your supplier with ease.

Please Watch the video below for an example of this process:


Inventorify works with a special algorithm that will try to match your Shopify product variants to

your supplier variants in order to track it.

You'll see this message when Inventorify couldn't find a full match between your Shopify product

variants and your supplier's product variants.

Click the "click here" link in the message in order to fix the unmatched variants.

You'll see that the unmatched variants located in rows that their checkboxes (on the left) remain unchecked.

Every row consists of Shopify variant name and Source variant combination.

Every Shopify variant will be updated according to his matched supplier's product variant.

After making sure that all variants rows are matched (by changing the dropdowns in the source variant column),

save to monitor by clicking the save button in the bottom of the screen.

* Please note that only rows checkboxes that are checked will be saved for tracking.

Please Watch the video below for an example of this process:

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