Settings page values

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Settings page values


Before you start to use inventorify, you will need to adjust the default values for tracking your products.

Click the "settings" link on the main menu.


Auto Price Update:  This option, when enabled, will auto reprice the product according to your supplier changes.


Auto Stock Update:  This option, when enabled, will auto change your product's inventory levels according to your supplier changes.


Continue sell when out of stock:  This option, when enabled, will let a customer still make an order for a product/variant that is currently out of stock.


Use shopify price as default price markup: This option, when enabled, will read your current product's price and set the price markup that will be used, to be the same.


Fixed price markup: This setting is the final margin between your supplier price to your Shopify price. (Example: Amazon price: 15$ , Price markup: 40%  Shopify final price: 21$.


Price cents: When choosing a value from this dropdown, your shopify price cents will be set as this value as default (after price markup calculation).

When set to "turned off", the cents will be set by price markup calculation.


if your supplier's price is dropped than more than this value (in percentage) then your shopify price will be stay the same as before the price drop.

When set to "turned off", the price will be act as default and will be changed according to your suppliers changes.


Amazon Region: The default region for monitoring amazon products. Please note that is your product is located at another amazon site (and not as the one on settings page) you may receive an error and need to insert the url for this product. 


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