How to add products for tracking?

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How to add products for tracking?


Please watch this video first.


You can start tracking products directly from Inventorify dashboard,

Select the "Track Products" option from the side menu:

You will see a list of all of your Shopify products.

Select a product you would like to track and check the checkbox right next to it.

Then click the "Track selected product" button.

Inventorify will track this product and show you it's variants on the next screen.

You need to make sure that the source variants are matched to your Shopify product variants.


For the best user experience we recommend using our chrome extension, it makes the tracking process a lot more easier.


1. Make sure you're using chrome browser and installed the Inventorify extension.

(Need help with the installation? Click here


2. Navigate to Inventorify dashboard and make sure that you're logged in:

If you're logged in you will see your shop name in the right corner of the screen: 

if you're not, you will be redirected the log-in screen. Enter your shop name and click enter.


3. If you already set the default values for your products tracking then go on to the next step, otherwise please check this article first.


4. Go to the Shopify admin panel of your shop and click the "Products" >> "All products" Tab:


5. Choose a product you would like to track and click the "Track" button right next to it:


6. If the product is added successfully to the monitor you'll get a success message and the track button next to this product will be hidden:

In case you got other message, please check this artice.


7. Please follow this video for adding products for tracking:



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